Dutch Criminals


Dutch Criminals is an online game where you can playing online against other real people. The object of the game is to be as strong as possible. To be the strongest and most powerful gangster you should not be a wimp. You begin playing the game as a poor wanderer ...... You get help from nobody!

Do you have it in you to stand up in the tough world right? Do you choose to collaborate with others? Or are you a born leader and can you establish a stronger family? These are all choices that you should consider if you want to live in this harsh world !!

Only through hard work and determination, you can reach the top! Go out to the streets and rob people, steal cars, try your luck in the casion, go to the brothel, kill people, put houses on fire, deal drugs ........ its the order of the day on D-C!

Dutch-Criminals crew Developer(s) D-C
We wish you lots of fun

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On the registration page you be asked to fill in a "promotional code". By default, it is set to "No Code" and you will start the game with no bonus. This code can be found on the website! (Hint : alt tage) Find this code and you get 5,000,000 extra money.

Additional signup gifts :

New members who register get a lot of extras to help them wipe out the competion! This concerns items which are extremely difficult to obtain. These are: 5 cans of petrol, 5 matches, 10 energy drinks and a basic weapon !! You also receive 1 million extra playing money 10 days paid account and 150 diamonds.

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